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Andrew Tate Endorses Shane O’s 7 Jacket

Andrew Tate Endorses Shane O’s 7 Jacket

Dancehall’s Shane O received a huge endorsement from former kickboxer and social media personality Andrew Tate. In a recent Instagram video, Tate is seen pacing up and down smoking a cigar seeming to be plotting his next move, and listening to Shane O’s 7 Jacket.

Having been released from a Romanian prison the media personality, along with his brother Tristan, are now on house arrest following their detention for allegations of rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group. After being inside for 4 months the pair are glad to be out and await the proceedings to unravel in the next couple of months.

Shane O - 7 Jacket (Top G Remix) Slowed & Reverb

It must have come as a surprise to Shane O when he heard his song blasting in the background on Tate’s Instagram. 7 Jacket was released in 2022 and has Shane O sing about paternity fraud in JA. The artist went on to comment on the video saying;

“I will never stop doing what I’m doing. I believe in myself so much you don’t even know. I’m typing with tears trust me. To see the love I get out there but still can’t get it where from why though? I don’t write bullshit. Check out my topics, my flows and how I construct my words #stopplayablindeye.”

Shane O - 7 Jacket (Official Music Video)

To be fair the artist is underrated so one can understand his frustration of constantly being overlooked. Shane O must have felt justified from hearing his track on Tate’s Instagram. With Tate not being a model citizen his controversies will garner attention and just 17 hours after posting the video the Twitter post had already got 30 million global views.

In the grand scheme of things it’s not just a win for Shane O, but, for dancehall in general. The genre has been on the ropes for the wrong reasons and this may gain a fanbase as people understand Tate’s plight.

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