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Bounty Killer Reminisces on Super Bowl Performance

Bounty Killer Reminisces on Super Bowl Performance


Super bowl fever is now in the past following Rihanna’s halftime show. The Bajan star consequently revealed that she was carrying baby number 2 and would be giving birth later on in the year. Subsequent to her fire performance, the nostalgia of past performances have come to light and past performers have been reminiscing on their acts. Interesting enough Bounty Killer has made a bold claim, proclaiming that his collaborative track with No Doubt in 2002 to be the most successful single involving a Jamaican over the last 20 years. Bounty Killer is the only dancehall artist in history to have ever performed live at the Super Bowl. With that in mind, you can understand why Bounty would make such a claim but is Hey Baby that most successful track with a Jamaican artist?

“Still the biggest from Jamaica in the last 20 years. Sean is the most successful artist here since then, and none of his singles is successful as that song by winning a grammy. It’s my only billboard top ten hit. Give thanks to Sly Dunbar and RIP Robbie Shakespeare they made it happen.”

Bounty continued his rant on Instagram describing the track as “the biggest and baddest hit since slice bread.”

No Doubt - Hey Baby


What else would the Warlord say? His claims seem a bit desperate seeing as the track is credited to No Doubt and features on their album. I appreciate the comment on Sean Paul being the most successful artist since then, however, Bounty is overlooking a few tracks which need special mention which include Sean Paul’s Get Busy and Gimmie the Light. Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me misses the cut in terms of timeframe having been released in 2000 but that track was significantly bigger than Hey Baby to be fair. No Letting Go from Wayne Wonder was also a hit along with Serani’s No Games. 

Wayne Wonder-No Letting Go


But to be fair to Bounty, in terms of Grammy awards Hey Baby is up there, but is it a true reflection of the reality? We have been talking about Jamaican representation on Grammy award voting and how it is somewhat biased. Take a trip down memory lane and see if Bounty Killer has a point. Bounty Killer remains a dancehall stalwart who deserves his plaudits and due to the fact the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and music is a form of art I will leave Bounty alone and trust his opinion.


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