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Busy Signal Features On World Rocking Riddim

Busy Signal Features On World Rocking Riddim

World Rocking Riddim

After a slow start to the year, Busy Signal seems to be back on track musically with yet another single. Do Mi Own Ting comes in the heels of Hang On, released a week ago and has Busy Signal making the headlines once again.

Coupled with the success of the track The Turf Boss has also made headlines by dampening Govana’s success of HAMANTS Convo pt 2. Following its release Busy pointed out in a cryptic Instagram post that Govana should realise that the style of having a funny conversation in a dancehall track was not his own. Coincidentally, the release of Govana’s track fell on the same day as in 2017 when Busy Signal released a similar humorous conversational track. Busy captioned the tracks on his Instagram saying;

“3 Years Ago Today May 7th. #ReasoningSeriesAnniversary Giving thanks #TrendSetting  #may7 #ArtistOfTheDecade”


Comparing the two conversations would be very hard as the two artists pull off their versions with much aplomb. I don’t know if it was necessary for Busy Signal to throw shade, but, I guess that is the game. Fans are fickle so giving them a constant reminder of one’s achievements is crucial. However, Govana’s Hamants Convo pt 2 is killing it on streaming platforms. It is the number 1 trending track in Jamaica and currently has 1.9 million views on Youtube’s streaming platform.

Back to Busy’s current song Do Mi Own Ting. It is not on those trending levels yet, but, lays another good marker for the year. The track was produced by 2020 Sweet Music Productions and currently has 14k views on Youtube in just one day. It comes off World Rocking Riddim which features other top deejays including Masicka, Jamiel, Ginjah and Chino.

Look out for World Rocking Riddim. And you may as well take a trip down memory lane and listen to Busy Signal’s Reasoning convo’s.


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