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Chronic Law And Demarco Set The Pace In 2020

Chronic Law And Demarco Set The Pace In 2020

Demarco 2

The start of the decade has had some artists out the blocks quicker than others in releasing music. Last I spoke about trending artists I pointed out how prolific Chronic Law had been last year. The 6IX artist reached a stage when he was releasing 5 tracks a month and was the talk of the country in terms of dancehall. The Law Boss resumed 2020 in the same prolific vein and has already released 5 tracks this month. Namely, Cyan Stop Bad, Eiffel, Wanted, Tribute and Enthralling.


Other artists who seem just as hungry are Alkaline and Demarco. The Vendetta Boss got off the mark with Riches earlier in the month and now collaborates with Black Shadow in Gladdest Night. Alkaline claims he is the ladies man and spits his usual fire lyrics over the Troyton Rami Music production.

Alkaline x Black Shadow - Gladdest Night (Cover Video)

If Alkaline and Demarco were a pair of opening batsmen, after the first 5 overs Alkaline would probably be on a conservative 20 runs and Demarco trailblazing on 35. Demarco has been as good as you can get (on Chronic Law levels) having released 5 dope tracks so far. Demarco has currently dropped Fat 2pac, Boogie Woogie, Sinking Boat and now Fighta Jet and Step Road. You can’t help but think he is going to run out of juice soon but at the same time wishing he can keep going.

Demarco - Boogie Woogie (Official Music Video)


A total contrast to how he started the year in 2019, Demarco has certainly hit the ground running this year. January is definitely his month and he is putting his hand up and answering a lot of his critics’ questions. I am sure we will be getting a studio album soon.

Until other players get into the swing of things Demarco is setting the pace and is way out in front with Chronic Law. As a meagre spectator it makes 2020 all the more exciting. If Demarco keeps riding this wave who knows where it will take him. He is due an outstanding year.

Demarco - Step Road (Official Audio)

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