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Demarco Reaping The Benefits Of Hard Work

Demarco Reaping The Benefits Of Hard Work

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New look Demarco continues to achieve significant milestones as he pushes to finish the year on a high. The dancehall deejay is enjoying success of his track with Yanique Curvy, ‘Bunx Pon It‘.

The racy video released on September 11, 2019 has managed to garner over 3.1 million views since its release on Youtube’s streaming platform. Upon seeing the video you will see what the fuss is all about. The raunchy track is also paired up with an even more racy video to match. Produced by True Gift Ent. the video features your classic dancehall whining by barely clothed pretty ladies. It also has Yanique riding a machined bull at a fair and a huge dose of ‘phat asses’. And I don’t mean the animal.

‘Bunx Pon It’ will feature on the former Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall forthcoming EP. The album “Under-Estimated,” will have extra collaborations with Kranium and Gage.

Yanique Curvy Diva, Demarco - Bunx Pon It (Official Video)

To add to this success Demarco is also enjoying success of his other track ‘Till My Time Come’ released on Youtube on Sep 28. That track has received 970k views on the site and that number is quickly rising.

“I am just giving the fans what they want, street bangers, club bangers, lyrics, metaphors, telling stories through music, stories that reflect the grimy side of life,” Demarco is quoted to have told the Observer.

Colin Demar Edwards, affectionately known as Marco or Demarco has set the dancehall space on fire with his last few songs and is getting rave reviews from his fans.  Since his weight loss he has mixed up his style and it really is working for him. Keep at it Colin, it’s your time to shine. We definitely can’t get enough. Dancehall needs the competition as we are getting tired of the same old players doing well.  Big up to you Marco.

Demarco - Till My Time Come (Motion Picture Film)

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