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Dexta Daps Arrested In Connection To Gang Violence

Dexta Daps Arrested In Connection To Gang Violence

Dexta Daps

There will always be no shortage of drama in the dancehall space. Ladies’ man Dexta Daps, whose government name is Loius Grandison was arrested by St Andrew police in connection with an ongoing investigation. Dexta was taken into custody for questioning in relation to a shooting incident and other gang activities in the St Andrew community.

The handcuffed deejay was humiliated in the street as scores of people came out chanting for his release. A video of this has gone viral on social media which clearly shows the artist in handcuffs.  What’s even more sad is how people just disregarded the social distance protocols that have been outlined for curbing the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus. Do people really love Dexta Daps that much? Or people just couldn’t be bothered about the virus? Rumour has it the deejay has ‘Don’ status in the Southview area. Either way Loius Grandison is currently in police custody according to Wayne Cameron, the head of the St Andrew South Police Division.

The west Kingston area is not the safest place in Jamaica as it has been plagued by gang violence for decades. So this incident is not an anomaly. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. However, we live by the code, innocent until proven guilty. So it’s prudent to reserve your sentiments until more information surfaces.

Dexta Daps is popularly known for his good looks and singing ability. But, be rest assured that will not count for anything. Just look at Vybz Kartel. Dexta is well known for hit tracks such as Weak To You, No Underwear and Jealous Over.

Time will tell what happens to Louis. I’m sure the dancehall fraternity are hoping there is not much to the case and he can be freed. However kudos to the constabulary force. We all know there is a violence issue in Kingston and they seem to to trying to do something.

No Underwear - Dexta Daps (Official Video)

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