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Ding Dong Ravers Snappin All Over The Place

Ding Dong Ravers Snappin All Over The Place

Ding Dong Ravers

For a long time when you think dancehall dance moves you would automatically think Elephant Man. With tracks like, Willie Bounce, Nuh Linga, Sweep and the famous Pon De River. Ele always found a way of keeping us in the club for a wee bit longer and everyone seemed to be in sync when one of his anthems came out at a party or in a club.

Elephant Man - Nuh Linga | Official Music Video

Due to the times and evolution there are other players vying for that dance title, namely, the RDX duo and former dancer turned deejay Ding Dong Ravers. Currently Ding Dong has one of the most trending dance songs Snappin’. According to Youtube the official video has over 500k views since its release on 18 Oct.

The video is set at a wedding and sets the tone for the dance moves at the reception. It is a very catchy song and will no doubt have people ‘snappin’ at upcoming weddings all over the Caribbean and other dancehall crazy places. The video was produced by Romeich Entertainment and it follows his collaboration with Mya in Handsfree.

Ding Dong Ravers - Snappin' [Official Music Video]

Ding Dong, whose real name is Kemar Christopher Dwaine Ottey was recently awarded a Cultural Special Congressional Recognition certificate and is now a cultural ambassador for New York. He burst onto the scene with Syvah in 2013 announcing himself onto the dancehall space. From dancer to dancehall artist Ding Dong is making the right moves in the business. He recently got married and with a strong work ethic the sky’s the limit for him.

Am not sure if he will get to the same heights as that of Elephant Man. Kudos to him for taking on the party anthem role though. Best believe this festive season people will be ‘snappin’ all over the place. Big up Ding Dong, we need more dance moves.

Ding Dong - Syvah (Official Video)

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