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Elephant Man Finds It In New Dance Track

Elephant Man Finds It In New Dance Track

Elephantman Findit

When it comes to signature dance moves there are a few dancehall artists that come to mind. At the top of that list there is one artist that will be on everyone’s list. That artist is the Energy God, Elephant Man. Ele has come up with hits upon hits of dancehall dance moves that were instant classics in clubs and at parties. It is a pretty impressive spectacle when everyone is singing and dancing along in tandem in the club. Such songs that come to mind are Willie Bounce, Nuh Linga, Pon de River, and Gully Creep from Ele in the past 10 years.

Having been to an Elephant Man concert I can testify as to why they call him the ‘Energy God’. The guy was born to entertain and has bag loads of energy to entertain a crowd. Ele was recently honoured by Magnum, receiving the #MagnumBig20Award Dancehall’s Icon of Dance award. Celebrating 20 years of providing tonic wine to the Jamaican people Magnum launched its Big 20 promotion.

Elephant Man whose government name is Oneal Bryan posted an image of him accepting his award on his instagram account captioning the image as “Image is every ting.”

Ele seems to making a comeback to the industry with his latest cut ‘Find It’. The track is classic Ele and he keeps it real with his signature dancing. The video is in the form of a short film produced and directed by Downsound Records / BadCompAny and is a Jay Will Film. I can’t really praise Ele’s acting but the energy and dancing make for a cool watch.

Find It, may just be a warm up for more tracks from Elephant Man. With the festive season looming dancehall fans could be in for a treat from the Energy God. It is a classic that should get any party started. Welcome back Ele, we look forward to more dance moves.

Elephant Man - Find It (Official Short Film)

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