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False Claims Of Popcaan Arrest

False Claims Of Popcaan Arrest

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When you get to the popularity levels of icons like Popcaan, Busy Signal or Mavado it comes with a certain level of scrutiny. Popcaan is currently facing a damage control frenzy following a run in with traffic policemen. The Unruly Boss was recently stopped by traffic cops following a traffic violation. Subsequently, rumours are now circulating that the star was arrested on charges of having an illegal firearm. The false claims came after his car was searched by lawmen after someone in the vehicle had declared having a firearm.

With all the gangster shootings, it is understandable that Popcaan would move around with protection and that someone in his posy would carry around a gun. With that in mind. After the icon’s car was stopped, the people in the car were asked to disembark the vehicle as it was searched. The firearm was inspected and returned to the owner and Popcaan and his team moved on.

Following the incident a video of the incident has gone viral on social media along with the malicious rumours. The artist’s lawyer Bert Samuels has addressed the incident reassuring the world that Poppy was not arrested and that there is nothing to fret about. The artist also addressed his fans on his Instagram saying,

“Yea man, me a watch unu style man. Me see unu a try tarnish me name and dem sittin’ deh man. We outside thou, don’t?”

The Unruly camp is now stressing saying that the incident is tarnishing the artist’s image. But is it really? These things happen and come with the territory. People are very fickle and all it takes is a banger from the artist to make people forget. Unless Popcaan had actually been arrested.

In case you had missed it, take a look at Popcaan’s latest video release Promise from his latest album Vanquish.

Popcaan - Promise [Official Music Video]

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