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Gaza Connect Fight On

Sykka Rymes

The Gaza faithful could do with some good news right about now. For now they can all be content that Vybz Kartel’s protege Sikka Rymes is recovering well after his attack at the beginning of December. Cousin Sikka was attacked leaving a party and was shot 3 times. He sustained injuries to his hand, chest and foot. What is worrying the young artist is that a month since the attack he has not given an official statement to the police and he is not sure if the police are investigating the attack.

According to Sikka, he still cannot explain the attack. “Me a nuh badman” is what he alluded to. Sikka is not a hardcore gangster like his cousin Vybz. So it is quite puzzling why someone would go to great lengths to eliminate him. Maybe its a just a case of envy that drove the attack. Fortunately, Sikka is recovering well and pops into the hospital here and there for eye and blood tests because of his diabetes.

Last Sunday saw the release of his latest video “Gaza To The Bone”. Coincidentally, he finished recording the video on the same day as the attack.

Sikka Rymes - Gaza to Mi Bone (Official Music Video)

Onto another issue which may give him something to cheer about is the eminent verdict with regards to Vybz Kartel’s appeal, 16 months on. The Gaza camp seem to be confident that the decision is imminent and is also favourable for the Teacha. In a letter addressed to Kartel’s lead attorney, the court mentioned that they were at an advanced stage of preparing a final verdict.

We may as well be patient for the verdict. Fortunately Sikka is still alive and that is what really matters for now. Wishing you a speedy recovery and I hope justice is served to the attackers. All the best to Mr Palmer.

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