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Imagine A World Government With Vybz At The Helm

Imagine A World Government With Vybz At The Helm

Worlboss Vybz Kartel

Worl’Boss Vybz Kartel released his latest video for ‘World Government‘. The video, directed by Wikid Media, features his posse of Lisa Hyper, Sikka Rymes (as Vybz) and Jodi Culture as he acts like the commander and chief in charge. Produced by Shabdon Records the track is a marker for the incarcerated deejay’s birthday. Turning 44 today, Mr Palmer continues to wait for his murder appeal verdict.

Can you imagine Vybz being commander and chief though? Former Apprentice star Donald Trump did the unthinkable and managed to weasel his way into the White House in the United States just 4 years ago. Former professional football star also made the transition. He went from winning FIFA World Player of the year and winning the Ballon D’or in 1995/6 to becoming the 25th Liberian President in 2018.

It is possible to go from being a public icon to being a president. However, in all honesty it is a bit far fetched that the incarcerated deejay could find his way to the highest seat in the world. Vybz does deliver some hard hitting bars where gives his take on dealing with some issues involving the development of ghetto youths. He appeals to poor people from around the world to band together and help the disenfranchised all over. He also suggests that it would be better to hang child molesters and be rid of them. The Kartel cabinet would duly ensure that ghetto youths become rich according to him.  And he appeals to the world to vote for him because I quote, “nuttin else makes sense.”

Vybz Kartel - World Government (Official Video)

The video is a good marker for what is probably to come from The Teacher in 2020. Riddimsworld.com expects Vybz to continue producing fire tracks like this one. I would also like to take this moment to wish The Gaza/Worl’Boss a happy 44th birthday. And all the best this year.

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