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Intence Shows Off Intense Tattoos

Intence Shows Off Intense Tattoos

Intence Face Tattoo 2

There is the misconception that you need to have dreadlocks to be a rasta but that notion was dismissed by Morgan Heritage. The lyrics read,

“You don’t ha fi dread to be Rasta
This is not a dreadlocks thing
Divine conception of the heart”

I am sure the same thing can be said for getting tattoos on your face. What are people who get tattoos on their face called? And this is not a joke. Personally I think it’s madness to get some ink work on your face but I am sure it does something for those that have.

The latest personality to get tattoos on their face is Dancehall’s Intence. The young talent from Jettlife decided to put a third eye on his forehead just below a pyramid. Another coloured tattoo is also on his cheek to cap things off.

I am not one to judge as things like this are a personal choice and their motivation works in whichever way. I never understood the fake tear drops running down the cheek, but, a third eye seems a bit creepy. But hey! 2020 vision right?

The ink work follows the release of his latest music video for ‘Critics‘. Produced by TroyBoss Music the music video shows Intence living his best. Intence had mild success in 2019 with a handful of quality songs such as ‘Go Hard’, ‘Testimony’ and ‘Be Careful’.

Intence - CRITICS (Official Video)

Either way, Intence has received different opinions from his fans about his new look. Die hards felt it matched his bad boy persona and hardcore sound. But most ladies were against the look saying it killed his look.

I guess he won’t ever be looking for another job in the future. Music is strictly his thing now. All the best this year and tattoo lovers I am sure are awaiting more work done.

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