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Is There A Conspiracy Against Squash

Is There A Conspiracy Against Squash

Squash Released From Police Custody

According to reports from 6IX Manager Heavy D, Squash is losing out on millions of dollars due to show cancellations. Whenever Squash is set to perform in any of the four parishes in Western Jamaica there is almost always police interference forcing the cancellation of the deejay’s performance. Not ruling out bias from the police this scenario is not unique to Squash as there are other artists who seem to be having the same problem.

Heavy D went onto claim that he is being forced to constantly refund people their money due to the omission of Squash from the show’s lineup.

“Every time me get a booking me haffi a gi back di money. Millions a dollas mi haffi a give back and dat need fi stap. Everytime dem a seh war a go gwaan.”

Upon hearing this news, 6IX ally Vybz Kartel expressed his dismay on social media calling out the Jamaica Defence Force. He expressed that the police were the problem and solution to most of Jamaica’s problems. He went on saying,

“Jamaica police will always be: the #1 terrorist group in Jamaica, spreaders of lies and propaganda, an enemy of judicial process, effective violators of human rights and and an overall hinderance to joy and happiness in general! Gwaan wul it mi dj Squash dem cyaa watch di real criminal dem so dem watch ghetto youths.”

A few weeks back promoters and Squash’s attorneys raised the issue to Dr. Horace Chang, the Minister of National Security. They highlighted that law enforcement in Montego Bay had been unlawfully targeting Squash and hindering him from performing.

The minister responded saying,

“You cannot stop an event because somebody is on the program that you don’t want on it… The law does not allow any adjustment in the Executive of Government or the police officer to brand somebody as a criminal, without having a case and to stop them from doing their business…”

So in conclusion what is really the issue with Squash? When you play devil’s advocate there is normally no smoke without a fire. There is clearly something up with Squash. All the details have not been laid out unless there really is a conspiracy against him.

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