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Jaz Elise : A Hot Prospect For The Future

Jaz Elise : A Hot Prospect For The Future

Jaz Elise

To mark the latest milestone in her music career. Jaz Elise dropped a remix to her 2019 hit Fresh and Clean with dancehall’s Govana. The feel-good cut was accompanied with visuals to match set in the streets of Kingston, JA.

“The song is about working towards your dreams and allowing yourself to be free, unapologetic, and grateful. Go to your full potential and be your happiest self. The video was just the perfect visual to show people in their element. It tells a beautiful story of a little boy who has a dream to learn how to ride a bicycle; he was in a situation where it didn’t seem possible & he found a way to just make it happen” commented Jaz Elise.

Jaz Elise ft. Govana - Fresh and Clean (Official Video)

The video was directed by Dezignr Studios and features Protoje and dancehall’s Chi Ching Ching. The track release came on the back of Jaz Elise signing for Protoje’s In.Digg.Nation Collective / Six Course / RCA Records. Joining the likes of Lila Ike, Sevana, Jaz Elise is still on the rise and this seems like the perfect opportunity to grow her brand. With a modest 3 songs in her repertoire, the Jamaican native has a lot of work ahead of her. Born Jasmine Taylor, and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Jaz Elise came to the fore in 2019 on the title track for Rock and Groove Riddim. Alongside Lila Ike and Sevana, Jasmine held her ground proving to have something special to offer and now has the opportunity to grow.

Protoje seems to be putting together something very special and time will tell the heights his artists get to. Minus the raunchiness and provocative music Jaz Elise caters for a unique reggae sub-genre which can only get bigger. A definite hot prospect for the future. Jaz Elise has a bright future ahead of her which I’m sure will be guided accordingly by Protoje and co.

Sevana, Jaz Elise, Lila Ikè and Naomi Cowan | Rock & Groove Riddim Freestyle | 1Xtra Jamaica 2020

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