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Konshens Lights Up Incredible Riddim With Backaz Official Video

Konshens Lights Up Incredible Riddim With Backaz Official Video

Konshens Backaz

Back in March 2020, TJ Records released Incredible Riddim with A-listers who included Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul, Konshens and Popcaan. The riddim hit home, with Vybz Kartel and Sikka Rymes’ collaboration on the title track. Popcaan outshined the Gaza connect with Mamakita while Sean Paul’s Bend Your Back made for a classic JA party anthem gaining solid viewership on Youtube with 507k views.

5 months on, Konshens has reminded us once again about the riddim. And he has done it the Konshens way. The same way he stamped his mark in the industry with Gal A Bubble and Pull Up To Mi Bumper 7-8 years ago. Trademark Konshens doesn’t hold back with the skimpily clad video vixens doing their thang. He features in the video with a beaming smile and you understand why with all the sexual innuendo and everything happening around him.

Konshens - Gal A Bubble | Official Music Video

This is when you realise how powerful a music video is. The video will do its rounds for the foreseeable future which in turn should increase record sales. And because we are humans with a penchant for liking things in excess, Popcaan dropping visuals for Mamakita might be what the world needs right now.

Either way, everyone on the riddim should end up winning. It’s all a win-win. The success of Konshens’s raunchy Backaz account is the success of Charly Black’s Sidung and the genre ultimately.

Backaz is a fresh reminder of how 2020 began. Normally I would probably comment on the cliché raunchiness of the video. However, Konshens has a way of delivering it in an unapologetic ‘real’ way that I have grown accustomed to from him. And I will nine times out of ten give him a free pass. Rollback the months and delve back into Incredible Riddim with Konshen’s Backaz official video. It is definitely worth a second listen.

Konshens - Backaz (Official Music Video)

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