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Likkle Vybz Continues To Make Waves In Dancehall

Likkle Vybz Continues To Make Waves In Dancehall

Likkle Vybz Daily

Opportunities to succeed in the music game must come easier when your father is Vybz Kartel. But, just how good is Adija Palmer Jr? The 17-year kid popularly known as Likkle Vybz released his latest video Daily, which already has 120k views in 2 days on Youtube. The track was produced by Short Boss Music and is just one of a few hits from the youngster. Vybz Kartel’s other 15-year-old son Likkle Addi is also making traction in the industry alongside his brother and time will tell just how far they will get.

The Daily video showcases Adija living his best life in a poolside setting with bikini-clad women and bag loads of $100 bills. No real surprises there but just how long will the youngster last for? Sounding a lot like his father the youngster has bars to boot but which category can he be pigeonholed in?

Likkle Vybz - Daily (Official Music Video) - Short Boss Muzik (Aug 2020)

There is probably more buzz about the teen. However, I’m sure we can put him in the same bracket as Intence and Daddy 1. With tracks like Skinny Jeans and Fully Gaza. Likkle Vybz still has a long way to reach the aforementioned artists but be rest assured his dad’s backing will go a long way. Check out his contemporaries latest tracks, Sed Gyal from Intence and Icon from Daddy 1 and be your own judge.

With Kartel in prison for the next 20 plus years, we may as well get used to Likkle Vybz. Following in the footsteps of Sikka Rymes, Likkle Vybz has a chance to ride on his father’s name. Opportunities do not come to everyone but Adija is perfectly poised to take over his dad’s empire. Guidance and sound decision making are of paramount importance for the youngster and let’s just hope he does not stray into the gritty side of dancehall culture.

Intence, Sadike - Sed Gyal (Official Video)

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