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Lisa Mercedez Recieves Death Threats After Shahada Release

Lisa Mercedez Recieves Death Threats After Shahada Release

Lisa Mercedez Shy Shahada

Lisa Mercedez dropped her latest single Shahada which precedes the release of her debut EP to be dropped soon.

In an interview, the Jamaican born deejay who now resides in Britain alluded to the fact that she had reverted back to Islam following a 15-year hiatus while thriving in the dancehall space. She said

“This track reflects the journey I have been on as an artist and my recent reversion to Islam. Musically I’m still very much a #Dancehall Artist, but I make whatever is good and right for me when I’m in the studio. I don’t like to limit myself.”

Lisa Mercedez x Shy - Shahada (Official Video)

However, her conversion is not fooling devout Muslims. She has been receiving death threats on social media following the release of the Shahada video. The Muslim community were incensed after she used a prayer from the Quoran in the opening scene of the video. People have let her know what they thought of it. Expressing their dismay and that she disrespected the religion by using the prayer accompanied with music.

Lisa Mercedez says she fully understands what she is getting herself into and is quoted as saying;

“I just admire the religion so much where they pray five times a day. It’s just different so I knew this was the right religion for me. Allah will not judge you. Still, be yourself as long as your heart is pure.” She went on to say

“I do try my best to dress appropriately and cover up more and people can see on my Instagram that it’s a big change. I used to wear skimpy hot pants on-stage but I’m covering up more now. I’m wearing my headscarf where I can. I’m still learning, practising and trying to do the right thing but I’ve just reverted, it’s going to take a while.”

With all due respect, I don’t think praying 5 times a day is what Islam is about. In addition, dressing in less provocative garb doesn’t make you more Islamic. Just ask your Christian mothers. In addition, despite the fact that she is now wearing hijabs her tight-fitting regalia still show off her curves. Beautifull ones actually.  But its something that is frowned upon by the religion.

Choosing a religion is a profound spiritual and personal decision that requires sacrifice and an appreciation of the faith.  Lisa announcing her conversion may have been a bit premature as I feel she still needs to get to grips with the faith. She did point out that it is going to take time and I feel she could have waited until she was better versed. It’s very evident that Islam breeds radicals who do extreme things. Her attempts to get to grips with the religion may rub people the wrong way, especially if she continues in the dancehall space.

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