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Mavados Son Dante Found Guilty Of Murder

Mavados Son Dante Found Guilty Of Murder

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Well well well. Another one bites the dust. Mavado’s 18-year-old son Dante Brooks was found guilty of murder by a Circuit Court judge on Wednesday, January 27 2021. The other charges included arson and possessing an illegal firearm and he awaits sentencing on March 12 along with co-accused Andre Hinds.

The incident happened in 2018 in Cassava Piece, where Dante and Andre went to the deceased (Lorenzo Thomas, aka Israel or Chulups) house in a revenge attack and committed the heinous crime. The attack happened just a few days after Thomas was allegedly involved in a shooting incident with Mavado.

Dante’s lawyer Peter Champagnie came out commending the whole proceeding. Going on to say he would be launching an appeal once the verdict was laid down.

“The defence team is obviously disappointed in the decision, however, I hasten to add that the ruling of a Court must always be respected. This does not take away from a person’s right to appeal. Having said that. We are of the view that the verdict is one that could benefit a review by way of an appeal,” Champagnie told

If you’re a father you have got to feel for Mavado. However, it is what it is and murder is serious business. He of all people should know that and it’s unfortunate he could not face up to the music as he gave the supposed order for the hit. Police did issue a warrant for Mavado’s arrest in the wake of the attack. But, Mavado fled the country and as has not returned. Whether the Jamaican officials request for his extradition from the United States is another issue. However, I don’t see him ever returning. Not just for fear of being arrested but fear for his life as Thomas’s people may want retribution.

Just another day in Jamaica. Dante is no Vybz Katel so I don’t think his story will receive much attention. A win for the justice system but a sad loss for the Gully faithful.

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