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Reggae Legend Bunny Wailer Dies (73)

Reggae Legend Bunny Wailer Dies (73)

Bunny Wailer

Reggae legend Bunny Wailer dies aged 73. Bunny Wailer whose government name is Neville O’Riley Livingston passed on at the Medical Associates Hospital in Kingston Jamaica on the morning of March the 2nd 2021, from a long-time illness. Wailer who suffered a stroke in 2020 had been in and out of hospital had his death confirmed by his manager Maxine Stowe a few hours after his passing.

The last remaining player of The Wailers (1963-1976). Bunny’s death closed the chapter on the famous reggae trio. After the passing of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh in 1981 and 1987 respectively. With a strong reggae discography, Bunny Wailer will be remembered as one of the founding fathers of that unique Caribbean sound that emanated from SKA music back in the 1960s.

In 2017, he was awarded the Order of Merit. Which stands as the fourth-highest honour in Jamaica. A couple of years later, he was recognized by the Jamaican government for his overwhelming contribution to Jamaica’s popular music, with a Reggae Gold Award.

A very sad day for the genre. But, it gives us an opportunity to appreciate Neville’s contribution to not only the genre but music as a whole. His story with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh resonated well with their followers. And it all added up in the end in creating a faithful rock steady movement. His most popular songs include Cool Runnings, Rise and Shine, Boderation and Dance Rock.

It is definitely worth your time in delving into the records and biographies of the aforementioned stalwarts of reggae music and you can appreciate the not so tragic end of Bunny Wailer’s life compared to his contemporary’s. Most music fans simply think of Bob Marley when they think of reggae. However, for a long time, you could not really separate the trios’ talents.

Rest in Peace Neville O’Riley (Bunny Wailer) Livingston. Long may your name and music live on.

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