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Renee 6:30 Shows Of Her Body For 2020

Renee 6:30 Shows Of Her Body For 2020

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One thing female dancehall artists have always been weary about is their appearance and how people perceive them. The sexier and raunchier they act plays a major role in not only their music but also in their videos. When you look at tracks like ‘Banana‘ from Jada Kingdom and Spice’s ‘So Mi Like It‘ sex appeal is one thing they have going from them. Rising star Renee 6:30 announced herself onto the dancehall scene with her latest music video ‘My Body‘.

In the video, Renee unapologetically shows off the fact that she had some cosmetic work done and boldly shows it off. The video shows off a lot of skin as most dancehall videos do and will probably be an inspiration to a lot of aspiring female dancers as well as dancehall artists. The one thing she did point out in an interview on Canada’s G-View show, was that she felt she did not feel she needed to have the cosmetic work done to be successful. She went on to explain that it was more of a want to boost confidence in herself.

She is also quoted as saying,

When me say ‘it bun dem to how me firm and sturdy’ a neva accident me say it by. Showing people say me confident and sexy is exactly why me write the song. Me wah people see say nuh matter weh dem say, me arite inna myself. Me do my body because me wah do my body and me nuh give a f**k about people. I’m moving onward and upward for 2020 and chit-chat cant stop dat.”

The former dancer named herself Renee 6:30 after her signature dance move 6:30 way back in 2012. Renee is looking to release more music in 2020. She wants to grow in the music industry and also her personal businesses.

She is one to look out for in 2020. And will give artists like Shenseea and Spice a run for their money.

Renee 6:30 - My Body (Official Video)

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