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Richie Spice Back With Together We Stand

Richie Spice Back With Together We Stand

Together We Stand

Roots reggae legend Richie Spice is back with yet another uplifting jam, ‘Together We Stand‘.

The single was described by VP Records as “a perfect introductory song to Strictly The Best 60, heading into the holiday season’.

With the Richie Spice trademark, like other uplifting tracks like Plane Land and World Crisis, the song was written by Richie and produced by Clive Hunt. The track  has church like melodies with a catchy keyboard tune. Featured on the upcoming Strictly the Best 60 project, to be released November 22 by VP Records, the track talks about love and unity. Topics Spice is well acquainted with.

As an artiste, it is my job to uplift the youths and teach them right from wrong,” says Spice. “I want to make music that empowers and educates as it entertains, insuring a better tomorrow for the youth.”

Richell Bonner affectionately known as Richie Spice was born in St Andrew Jamaica. A member of the Rastafarian Movement, Richie has had huge success in the reggae genre boasting 8 studio albums. With a career spanning from the mid 90s to date, the reggae legend has been rather quiet having released his last album ‘Richie Spice Acoustic – Soothing Sounds’ in 2012.

With memorable tracks like, Marijuana, Earth A Run Red, and Brown Skin, Richie Spice has cemented his place in reggae folklore. The reggae veteran is working on new music. We can only hope it is on the same level as we have grown accustomed to. ‘Together We Stand’ is a good marker and it definitely sets the tone.

At a time with all the division in Jamaica there is plenty of room for unifying songs like this. The dancehall community can learn a thing or two. Hint hint Alkaline and Squash.

“Together we stand brothers, together we stand sisters” Richie sings. Keep at it Mr Bonner. The world waits for another album from you. Bless.

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