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Shenseea Head and Shoulders Above The Rest

Shenseea Head and Shoulders Above The Rest

Shenseea Topping

Much to Spice’s dismay, there is a lot of buzz around dancehall’s Shenseea amid speculation that she is like hip hop’s Nicki Minaj and should be crowned the Queen of Dancehall. While some claim she is in a league of her own and should not be compared to Nicki. There seems to be a beef stirring as the dancehall heavyweights(Shenseea and Spice) have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Not sure if it’s a case of jealousy from Spice, as Shenseea had a stand out 2020 with hits like Rebel, Lighter and Side Chick Song. Fans and media speculation has also created a rift between the artists. Furthermore, Shenseea being deemed the female dancehall artist of 2020 by most magazines brought about a lot of questions. As to why she does not do collaborations with other female artists, Shenseea responded saying that no one wanted to work with her including Spice.

“Guys, it’s not that I don’t try to do collaborations eneuh, especially with Jamaican artists, it’s just dem nuh waan do none wid me, really and truly. My manager has reached out to a lot of females, dem nuh waan do nuh song wid mi suh weh me fi do?”

In addition, Spice’s religious advisor is said to have advised her not to collaborate with Shenseea. Because she would risk being outshined by the Shengyeng Princess. Something most dancehall lovers would probably agree to, bar the Spice faithful.

To be fair, Shenseea who debuted with Vybz Kartel in Loodi in 2017 has reached a milestone in her career. With legendary artists like Missy Elliot lauding her with praise following her recent Bad Habit/Don’t Rush freestyle. Shenseea whose government name is Chinsea Lee is no longer the future of dancehall but is reigning presently. And Spice may feel some type of way as she is now yesterday’s news.

Either way, its Shenseea’s time to shine. And she is flying the dancehall flag with much aplomb. Look out for her latest singles which include Bad Habit and Rebel. It’s only a matter of time until she is crowned the new Queen of Dancehall.

Shenseea - Bad Habit/Don't Rush Freestyle (Raw Cut)

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