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Shenseea Tackles Infidelity In Potential Man

Shenseea Tackles Infidelity In Potential Man

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2020 could not be going any smoother for dancehall’s Shenseea. The Korean/Afro-Jamaican hybrid commenced her worldwide tour, starting in the Middle East, then a couple of European countries. Next stop will be Miami for Viewtopia then Canada and then back to the Windies. She also appeared on Elle Magazine’s Game of Song Association challenge. And dropped a single IDKW with international acts, Rvssian, Young Thug and Swae Lee.

Adding to this good press Shenseea has just dropped her latest single Potential Man. The song has attracted people’s attention as it tackles another controversial issue in infidelity. Shenseea outlines a realistic scenario where her boyfriend is cheating on her and she explores other options in another ‘potential man’. The track can be viewed as an empowering anthem for her female fanbase. She sings;

“Love when the main man acting up wrong, cah mi get time fi call mi potential man”. She then drops the mic so to speak by adding, “Mi wish mi man could a see we fvčk, suh him can learn you nu, mi love it when you cock me up pon the furniture”.

If there was ever a good example of what a good record label can do for you, this is it. Since signing with Interscope, Shenseea’s brand has evolved and she now has a solid international footprint. She has been able to collaborate with a host of international artists like Tyga, Swae Lee, and Young Thug. But has also remained true to her Jamaican roots with tracks such as ‘Potential Man‘.

“Ever since we joined with Interscope and pushed out ‘Blessed’, a lot of international acts have been reaching out to me,” confessed Shenseea. She also pointed out that she was pleased with the likes of Drake, Rihanna, Cardi B and 21 Savage listening to her music as well.

Shenseea - Potential Man (Official Audio)


Look out for Shenseea’s ‘Potential Man’. Furthermore, you can also be excited for her highly anticipated studio album to be released later on in the year.

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