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Squash Drops Different Rankin

Squash Drops Different Rankin

Squash Different Rankin

6IX Boss, Squash dropped his latest banger Different Rankin from Shabdon Records. Released by Reggae Gold 2020. The feel-good party jam justifies his boss status once more with brazen unadulterated lyrics. Squash goes in once more with memorable bars and the track stands out as one of his better party jams of the year.

Squash is quietly going about his business and has not been caught up in beefs or any ‘hana hana’ this year. With a host of dope jams so far in the year including Cold Blood and Skilful. The Montego Bay native has not had a prolific year like 2019. Probably attributed to COVID 19 Coronavirus, he has managed to stay in the conversation with memorable tunes.

The 6IX has had its hardships in 2020 with the passing on of one of its members. Last month the 6IX mourned the passing of Kyle ‘Rebel Sixx’ George. Known for tracks like Rifle War and Fully Dunce. The 26-year-old deejay was gunned down in his home in Trinidad. Based in Trinidad the artist held down the fort for his Jamaican 6IX contemporaries and his passing cast a dark shadow over the whole genre. After investigations, the police did confirm that the shooting was gang-related.

Squash - Different Rankin | Official Music Video | Reggae Gold 2020 Exclusive

Other 6IX members like Chronic Law and Daddy-1 have maintained the franchise’s dominance in the industry. They have also had a steady flow of good tracks over the course of the year and will definitely be around in the next couple of years. Be sure to listen to Chronic Law’s Devil’s Employer and It Nuh New To Us from Daddy-1.

Its Squash’s turn to take centre stage and let’s hope he has more to come. I think the beef with Alkaline is behind us now. However, I’m sure something will happen when they are not feeling any showbiz love.

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