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Throwback – T.o.k. Lockdown On Kiki Riddim

Throwback – T.o.k. Lockdown On Kiki Riddim


1999 was the year of Tony CD Kelly Production’s Kiki Riddim. The riddim had a host of top deejays who all made a significant impact. The riddim has a unique melody with an infectious computerised beeping that keeps you interested. The beat was even able to handle a Backstreet Boys sample of their catchy I Want It That Way chorus on Xtatik, Lexxus & Ci Smooth’s track with the same title. 

Buju Banton left his mark on the riddim with Opportunity. At the peak of his powers then, Buju Banton enjoyed success on the conscious reggae tip with tracks like Pull It Up as well as Tribal War. Opportunity stood out once again, as Buju dropped some poignant lines about inequality and social injustices. 

However, the track that sticks out for me presently, in line with the worlds’ current situation, is T.O.K.’s Lockdown. The track seems to have been tailor-made for the current COVID-19 Coronavirus quarantine. In the infancy of their illustrious career, T.O.K. put together a memorable track that has an uncanny relevance today. The lockdown was not necessitated by a health pandemic, however, the outcome remained the same. 

Be sure to include T.O.K.’s song when you’re compiling your quarantine playlist. 

Dancehall purists have their personal riddim favourites and I will go out on a limb and say that Kiki Riddim will feature in their top 20 picks. Suited for the club, Kiki Riddim dominated the airwaves in 1999 and is still capable of firing up a dancehall scene today. The riddim features other deejays including Sean Paul, General Degree, Hawkeye, Tony Curtis, Merciless, Tony Matteron and Mr Vegas. All at different stages in their career, the riddim gave them a platform to shine in what has proved to be a timeless classic.

Check the link below and get lost in the catchy rhythm. It’s a real treat for dancehall lovers and serves as a must-listen for the younger generation.

KiKi Riddim mix 1999 (Tony CD Kelly Production) mix by djeasy

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