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Vybz Kartel Misses The Mark In Not Ok

Vybz Kartel Misses The Mark In Not Ok

Vybz Kartel Not Ok Cover

It is encouraged to not always follow the same procedure or routine to always keep things fresh. Be it in a relationship, carrying on daily mundane tasks or in this case making music. With regards to music, the repercussions are easier to analyse as it’s a numbers game and you can gauge people’s reactions.

The Worl’Boss released his latest single ‘Not Ok’ from Shortboss Muzik and it has not been received with the same gusto as his preceding singles or music in general. Playing devil’s advocate is something I am accustomed to, however, I am finding it hard to defend Vybz. The song is on the pop-rock tip and is like hearing a cross of Greenday, Blink 182 and Avril Lavigne.  I understand being spontaneous and trying out different things but Vybz missed the mark here. Even for rock standards. The track has a bubble gum feel and its novelty and style won’t have people’s attention for long.

I can understand why Vybz has gone this route, unfortunately, I don’t know if he was a convincing rocker. Rap legend Jay-Z had huge success in 2005 when he collaborated with Linkin Park for Collision Course. Lil Wayne followed suit a few years later when he also tapped into the rock market with a successful track with Kevin Rudolf. However, I don’t know if heavy dancehall and rock will ever mix properly.

Not Ok is currently trending at number 46 in Jamaica. It also has the ‘King of Dancehall’ discrediting Youtube’s streaming trend list. Kartel along with some of his fans continue to push an agenda that the trending list is compromised by artists buying views. I can neither discredit nor agree with that notion but what I know is Not Ok is not so good.

If you get knocked down at the first attempt you may as well give it another crack. This will probably not be the only time Vybz dabbles in rock. Because it’s Kartel we will give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him to try it out again.

Vybz Kartel - Not Ok (Official Audio)

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