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Vybz Kartel Prison Video Doing the Rounds

Vybz Kartel Prison Video Doing the Rounds


Vybz Kartel may not be a free man, however, he is still a very influential individual through his relevant and up-to-date music and random appearances on social media. His latest antics have him featuring in an Instagram video singing along to About Last Night which he released in March 2023. Kartel normally shares pics on social media but this time his face appears in the video wearing a pair of aviator shades.

About last night. When yuh sit down pon di cocky and yuh buss a whine, and mi tell yuh seh mi love you and yuh she a lie; mi nibble pon your nipple and yuh start to smile. About last night.” Sings Kartel.

Vybz Kartel - About Last Night (Official Audio)

Understandably, the video was met well by Gaza fans who have been reposting and commenting favorably about the video. However, I am not sure about prison privileges and what you can and cannot do whilst incarcerated but it’s just a video, right? No harm in that right? It’s not as deep as conjugal visits anyway.

Vybz kartel leak video from prison. about last night

On a musical note, it is rumored that he is set to collaborate with Valiant once more. Time Heals, their first collaboration, was a success and I hope they drop a party banger this time. The track will be produced by YGR English and Shab Don who publicized about the track yesterday(Fri 21, April 2023). The track is titled Stay Clean and I wonder what the veteran and rising star will have to say. The track will be accompanied by visuals unlike Time Heals so we can assume more effort was put in this time around. An official date for the release has not been made but I am estimating this coming Friday or the next.

It’s good to see Vybz Kartel in good spirits from the Instagram video and all we can say is stay strong WorlBoss, and keep the music coming.

Vybz Kartel, Valiant - Time Heals (Official Audio)

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