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Yanique Curvy Diva Goes The Wholesome Route

Yanique Curvy Diva Goes The Wholesome Route

Yanique Curvy

While other female dancehall deejays like D’Angel and Ishawna are delving into pornography to make extra bands. Yanique Curvy Diva has gone the wholesome route and opted to start her own catering company. The catering business seems to make sense during this COVID-19 lockdown and Yanique is capitalising on her opportunity. Dining With Curvy Diva, is a dream come true for the dancehall artist/social media ‘influencer’.

“I’m always preparing some unique meals and posting them and fans have been requesting them, it made sense to give them the opportunity to enjoy these meals in their own homes and offices,” highlighted Curvy Diva.

Having launched for over a month now, Curvy Diva offers various savoury dishes to the public on a systematic ordering system and is currently offering personal delivery for 10 meals and above(just for this week).

Furthermore, the Bunx Pon It artist has fresh music on the way from UIM and Frankie Music. She features on an all-female rhythm titled Pink Riddim with a track called Say Anything, organized by RDX for Reckit Ralf Music.

Yanique Curvy Diva, Demarco - Bunx Pon It (Official Video)

This enterprise comes as a breath of fresh air following the announcement by other female deejays of their exploits with OnlyFans. Yanique Diva comes back into the spotlight following a 4-month hiatus from Instagram.

“But after a while, I’ve come to realize(the break) it was all for the best. Taking time from the spotlight and chilling in the shade allowed me to regroup and redirect my life. I’ve had several projects and goals for years that I was too busy to start but this break gave me that chance. I can’t wait to share them with you guys,” she added.

And we seem to be getting the best out of the artist and tv host. Be sure to check out her new song and I am sure there is a whole lot more to follow.

Yanique Curvy Diva - Say Anything (Official Audio)

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