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Stefflon Don Goes Off On Jada Kingdom

Stefflon Don Goes Off On Jada Kingdom

stefflon don goes off on jada kingdom

What is the protocol when it comes to dating celebrity exes? Stefflon Don seems to be making a fool of herself by reacting in a rather childish manner towards Jada Kingdom, who is rumoured to be dating Burna Boy. The Jamaican reggae songstress is rumoured to be the new girl in Burna’s life only because she has been seen sporting a ‘Damini’ diamond necklace while in London. It’s not much to go on, however, the people have spoken. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

British rapper Stefflon Don is not too pleased with the new developments involving her ex. Having dated the Nigerian artist for three years, the pair had a rather messy break-up in 2021. It all culminated when Burna Boy dropped his hit single Last Last on the Love,Damini album which didn’t paint Stefflon in a favourable way, seemingly giving Burna the upper hand in the break-up.

Burna Boy - Last Last [Official Music Video]

Bearing this in mind, one can understand why Stefflon has chosen to react to Jada Kingdom in a rather negative way, posting on her Instagram saying;

And this is why I don’t fren up no whoring gal”. Meaning this is why I don’t befriend whores.

Coldblooded right? Stefflon did not really have to stoop so low. And it’s just speculation for now. Show some class Stefflon. Whether the pair (Stefflon and Jada) have met before and whether there are underlying issues is another question. But this seems uncalled for.

stefflon don goes off on jada kingdom

In addition, Stefflon chose to then go on a video call with rising star Valiant and showcase that to the world all dolled up. Seems a bit desperate Stefflon. Valiant is only just 24. Leave the kid alone. There is probably no link to the issues but I do hope it was not a desperate attempt to try to make Burna jealous or something.

Time will tell what happens with Burna and Jada. However, show some class Stefflon, just let it go.

Jada Kingdom - UNDERSTANDING (freestyle)

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